Friday, March 1, 2013

How to install Andriod apps on Blackberry Z10

For BlackBerry 10 handset  BlackBerry has debuted a new app store nameBlackBerry World.In BlackBerry World app store their are 70,000 apps but in iOS and Android apps store their is more than 700,000 apps.
Now some of the Android apps can also be installed in BlackBerry 10

Steps for installing Android apps on BlackBerry 10 using a mac os is following:

step1>>>first of all you have to unzip the BlackBerry PlayBook app and install it 
         anywhere on your mac

step2>>>Open the folder that you unzipped, then copy the files in the lib 
                 folder and just paste them into your playBook Tools folder.

step3>>>Click on settings menu then open security and privacy and just tap
                 development mode to on.

Step4>>>Set a password & Note the "Development IP Address" listed just 
                  below the DevelopmentMode

Step5>>>Connect your BlackBerry Z10 with your Mac.

Step6>>>Search for "Terminal" and open it.

Step7>>>In Terminal type
                 “cd platybook_tools” and press enter key.Then type
                 “java –Xmx512M –jar BarDeploy.jar –installApp – device [ENTER YOUR           DEVICE IP HERE] –password [ENTER YOUR PASSWORD HERE]”
                   Dont use the Brackets.Enter you device ip (Step 4) and the 
                   password that you set already and use the type of.BAR file that
                  YOU are trying to install,here i used Tech-Teaser.BAR as an 

Step8>>>Disconnect the BlackBerry Z10 
from your Mac and go through the 
                  phone for the application that you just installed via Mac.

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